How It Works

Ever had your car stuck in snow, ice, or mud?  “Car Unstuck” is a traction device designed to get a car out of mud or snow with minimal effort.  Simply place the device under your car’s tires and drive out.  It’s Light, Easy to Use, and Easy to Store.

“Car Unstuck” eliminates slippage between tires, dirt, sand, ice, snow, and pavement.  It reduces damage to your car’s clutch, transmission, engine, and suspension!

Great gift for drivers, you never know where your car will get stuck!

Each set includes two devices and a holding container.

Size: 19" x 7" x 1 1/4" each plate

"Car Unstuck" - Traction Device is easy to use and requires no additional accessories or tools for operation, two plates are included in each set. If the front or rear tires are stalled, put a plate (or plates) under the stalled tire and gently drive over the device.

WARNING: Traction device plate may cause injury if handled with improper care.
This traction device is not designed to run on long sections of roads, and is meant to help motorists in short segments.